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In the photo you can see oodles tiles broken, often you can find a huge amount of them in the garbage of the construction site.

The breakage of the tiles is due to many causes:

  • Transportation, non-compliant packaging.
  • Equipment for cuts, holes and diamond blades inadequate.
  • Lack of planning/layout from the installation company for each surface intended to tile.
  • Installation company or tile setters without direct responsibility on the tile product (so often is the contractor or the owner of the project who purchases and buys the tiles).

These are just some of the reasons why you must always add a minimum 10/15% of overplus when you buy tiles.

This means in terms of money a significant increment of at least 10-20% of your budget.

“I will be frankly and in an honest way, I will tell my point of view”.

The reason why your budget is increasing is fault of the system you have chosen to perform the tile installation in your project.

Because most of the time, it’s you that make the order of the tiles, the installer in this system has only the interest to do a good job but above all do it quickly.

The results are a mountain of broken, cuts and unused tiles straight to the garbage.

But, those tiles on the garbage are your MONEY, plus an incredible waste of resources!


Yes, there are.

By changing the way you purchase the service for the tile installation.
In fact, give the responsibility to the installation company, the results will be immediately totally different.

So, we created an All-inclusive solution, with that you don’t have to worry about anything else, delivery time, broken tiles, etc.

We will lose out money if our installer broke huge amounts of tiles, or if our partner sends us material broken. Will be our problem, will be a problem for our wallet, not of the customer.

In certain condition, we can ensure the payment of the only net m2 of your project, you will pay exactly the m2 of your surface intended to cover with tile, not one cm more.

How we can do that?

Thanks to our internal process, we plan once again each m2 we will tile, together with our partners we will manage each step of the process from the selection of the material, delivery of the materials in the construction site, installation and care & maintenance.

You will have two levels of warranties to protect your investment during the years post-installation.

If you think for a while the process you are using now, it’s senseless.

You buy the tiles and someone else come to installing it without have the direct responsibility to use the product carefully and wisely!

In that situation, there aren’t risks for the installation company, the risks are all in you.

“It’s a bit like go to a restaurant and you have to bring your own ingredients to the Chef and he will arrange the dish for you”

Moreover, for have one single product like the tile installation service, you need to deal with many stakeholders like tile shops, arrange and pay the delivery, the installation, final cleaning, care & maintenance. All operations now separated in most of the case.

If something happens during the whole process, who take the responsibility? Now YOU!

With our All-Inclusive solution, the responsibility if some issues will happen during the whole process is ours!

We will avoid waste of money, resources, time and stress for our customers.

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