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Bathroom renovation

Total or in part renovation, with different packets and solutions for your needs. We strive to offer you the best possible solution and service.

Ceramic & stoneware

With our competence and expertise, we are able to install ceramic, mosaic, marble and all stone materials in accordance with the latest standards legislations.

Waterproofing systems

Different systems available, liquid membrane, pre-built foam panels, anti-cracking membrane, polyethylene membrane.

Care & maintenance

Discover our extended long term warranties for all our products. We assure the best post-sales maintenance.

We make your part easier

You deal only with Fortile and our partners network, and we custom create the best offer for your needs. We are constantly searching worldwide for new advanced materials and new construction techniques. We give special consideration to sustainability and environmental impact. Competent, trained professionals, with knowledge of materials; expert management, and communication with our customers: This makes the difference between a good job and an excellent result. You can submit now a contact request for consulting or appointment here.

“It’s incredible how with just one choice you save huge amount of money. We have chosen the All-Inclusive solution and we had zero stress, Fortile took care about everything, the quality of the installation and material used. They respected the schedule established together at the beginning. Highly recommended.”

Jukka S., Lempäälä

“Really satisfied with the final result we had with Fortile. Their extended warranty gave us security and full protection for the investment we did. The All-Inclusive offer allowed us to save about 20 % of the budget compared with other offers we got.”

Kirsti V., Tampere

For love of tiles

Fortile specializes in tile installation and all related services. Our company is based in Finland, operates from the Pirkanmaa area of the country. We believe the quality of the installation, below the tile, is a most important factor in longevity and look. Among our specialties: we work with flooring,
waterproofing systems, swimming pools, total bathroom renovation and so on.

Less waste, higher efficiency, better savings

We don’t sell services, we offer solutions for your needs

The customer is our boss

Only a well-laid product is a good one

Do you want us to contact you?

Send us your e-mail address or phone number and we’ll be in touch!

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Why ceramic is the best solution for your coating

Brief history The ceramic has very ancient origins and a very long history. The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek "kéramos" which means "potter's land". It is a compound material inorganic, non-metallic, very ductile in its natural state and rigid after the cooking...

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The Green Building Solution

The Green Building Solution

"Behind every problem there is an opportunity."~Galileo Galilei Buildings have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment During their construction, occupancy, renovation, demolition, etc., buildings use energy and raw materials, and generate waste. In...

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Considerations about our Net m2

In the photo you can see oodles tiles broken, often you can find a huge amount of them in the garbage of the construction site. The breakage of the tiles is due to many causes: Transportation, non-compliant packaging. Equipment for cuts, holes and diamond blades...

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The advantages to working with us

Fortile acts and coordinates the process that becomes product, from the early stages
until the end of the job, included care and maintenance.

Fortile guarantees the finished work, having managed the entire work process.
Fortile offers the best quality of materials by choosing only products of the highest level.


Deal for the entire process and project only with us and our network partners.

All-inclusive solution

The possibility to pay one fixed price without extra costs.

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Two levels of extended warranties give multiple options to cover your concerns.

Green building solutions

We are consistently developing the practice and process using construction materials with high sustainable rating certifications.

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Net square meters

Pay no longer for the tiles broken from cuttings, transportation and other causes. This will save at least 10% from your budget.

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Don’t waste anymore your money paying for the excess of materials and hidden extra costs. And remember also the tax credit for household expenses in Finland!


We match a best solution for your specific needs.